Super High Frequency (SHF)

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Signal Name Description Frequency Mode Modulation Bandwidth Location Sample Audio Waterfall image
5G "New Radio" cellular network - Downlink 5G cellular, also known by 3GPP '5G' NR (new radio), etc. is a newly released cellular standard that allows for backwards compatibility with 4G LTE, and will allow for several gigabits of connection speeds, (up to 10-100Gb) per second. This is the 600 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz downlink band for the new standard. 600 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz — 50,000 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz AMAmplitude Modulation UFMC, GFDM, OFDMOrthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing, FBMC 100 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz Worldwide 5Gdownlink.png

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