UHF Vehicle Location System

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Logic Trunked Radio: Passport Control Channel
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Frequencies 400 Hz,900 MHz
Frequency Range 400 Hz - 900 MHz
Mode NFM
Modulation PSK
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 5.5 kHz
Location United States
Short Description LTR Passport is a type of control channel (unlike the standalone LTR that doesnt have one) which consists of multiple radio repeater sites linked together to form a wide-area radio dispatch network.
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This type of radio system uses these types of control channels if the System is "roaming", or has a "home base", or has a "collective" base. Thus the packets that are usually heard in each frame.

Since the LTR standalone doesn't use a control channel, it only uses the "blip" of data, like somebody keyed on and off the radio to let the system know its there. But, with Passport, this control channel is required because of the three roaming, home, or collective bases.