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This has officially been identified as LTR passport. Yalek "Ywsia1".

Perhaps a Better Identification for the Nature of This System[edit]

A system of this type is active under WPYV367 under the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In their Letter of Justification, they describe the system as an AVL (automatic vehicle locator) system for their buses: "[T]hese channels will be used to support a computer aided dispatch (“CAD”) system to monitor and direct the movement of Metro Busses. The CAD System “polls” each of the buses once a minute and based on the response of that polling, identifies the location of each of the busses... The System also permits bus operators to send a data message to dispatchers, indicating the need for voice communications between the bus operator and the dispatcher."[1]

The MTA does not operate any LTR system; they instead operate a 900 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz Motorola Type II SmartNet system. Furthermore, RadioReference does not identify any LTR PassPort systems operating in Los Angeles County[2]; and MTA is the only user of most (if not all) frequencies identified as AVL frequencies that can be heard transmitting as of 26 August 2023.

I've put the page as "Content Needing Review" and will move this page to a placeholder title until the equipment vendor can be reliably identified. Identifying a second user of such a system who also documents its purpose would also be very useful. --Kj6psg (talk) 11:35, 27 August 2023 (NZST)


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