Cuban Jammer

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Cuban Jammer
Cuban Jammer spectrum.png
Frequencies 7.335 MHz,7.355 MHz,7.375 MHz,7.435 MHz,9.49 MHz,9.565 MHz,9.955 MHz,11.86 MHz,11.93 MHz,13.82 MHz,5.98 MHz,6.03 MHz
Frequency Range 5.98 MHz - 13.82 MHz
Mode DSB
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 10 kHz
Location Cuba
Short Description Cuban jammers jam the frequencies of Radio Martí, Radio Republica and occasionally WRMI radio.
I/Q Raw Recording Download file
Audio Sample
Cuban Jammer in USBUpper Side Band Modulation (Radio, referring to reception and modulation mode)Universal Serial Bus (Computer, referring to USB Ports and cables) Mode.

Cuba Jamming on WRMI.