Chinese Firedrake Jammer

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Chinese Firedrake Jammer
CHN Jammer.png
Frequencies 6 MHz,18 MHz
Frequency Range 6 MHz - 18 MHz
Mode AM
Modulation AM
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 10 kHz
Location China
Short Description Commercial AM Broadcast jamming signal that plays Chinese folk songs to jam specific radio stations in Asia from being received by listeners.
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample

The Chinese Firedrake Jammer (also known as FireDragon) is a Commercial AMAmplitude Modulation Broadcast jamming signal that aims to jam specific radio stations in Asia from being received by listeners. It plays the characteristic Chinese folk song "The Firedrake" which runs for an hour duration, the same duration of radio programmes on shortwave.

The jamming signal has been traced to be sourced from Chinasat 6B within the China National Radio (CNR) satellite feed circuits.The satellite relays the jamming music to ground transmitters across China to then transmit on the same frequencies as radio stations that China sees as unfavorable, including (but not limited to) Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, BBC World Service etc. as well as stations based in Taiwan.


Radio Free Asia jammed 15275.0kHz:

Radio Free Asia jammed 13830.0kHz:

Song List[edit]

While the music played on the jammer is colloquially known as the Firedrake (火龙), it is actually a series of 12 Chinese folk songs that are cycled through. Currently only 6 of the songs have been identified.

  • Song 1: The Eastern King's Victory (东王得胜令)
  • Song 2: Music of Prince of Qin Breaking up the Enemy's Front (秦王破阵乐)
  • Song 3: Unknown
  • Song 4: Unknown
  • Song 5: Unknown
  • Song 6: Unknown [the song was used as the opening song of Zhao Lirong's essay "Veteran"(《老将出马》的开场曲 )]
  • Song 7: Celebrating Harvest (庆丰收)
  • Song 8: Unknown
  • Song 9: Unknown
  • Song 10: Great Victory (大得胜)
  • Song 11: Gather the Harvest (夺丰收)
  • Song 12: Harvest Drums (丰收锣鼓)

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