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Frequencies 145.863 MHz,145.885 MHz
Frequency Range 145.863 MHz - 145.885 MHz
Mode NFM, CW
Bandwidth 30 Hz
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia
Short Description

I couldn't get a small file of the IQ. However, this frequency's always populated with evenly spaced lines of just that, and it typically forms something like this at large:

It's always active in my area, but I can never find any program that can decode it. It sounds like someone's just sending tones over the frequency, but it also looks digital.
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample

99% chance this is noise from your computer. Computers are awfully noisy. - 1/14/19

Damn, is it? My antenna's about a meter away from my computer, at the farthest I could put it. I see this frequency on other frequencies and it always seems to shift around. - 2019年1月21日, OP

Check the file again...and try to upload again...

I used to live in VB and heard lots of unknown signals...possible from Oceana? 73's

Probably from monitors near the antenna. Try turning your Monitor off/on and see if the waterfall changes

It could be a powerline ethernet adapter. Those things generate a lot of radio noise demonstration video

I don't know if it'd be from Oceana, I'm kinda far from that. Closer to Lynnhaven than Oceana, honestly. I did try the monitor solution, though. It only seemed to affect the noise, maybe I'll try looking for the signal in an area without my computer nearby. It does look like powerline-ethernet interference, though. - 2019年3月24日, OP