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Signal has been identified as John Deere RTK Radio 450[1], part of the John Deere StarFire system. Page moved to correspond. --Kj6psg (talk) 08:45, 28 September 2023 (NZDT)

Content Review[edit]

I have flagged the page as needing review as the page content does not reflect the identification of this signal. Certain qualities like the nature of the signal (agricultural GPS augmentation), its occupied bandwidth (7.49 kHzKiloHertz (kHz) 10^3 Hz per FCC), modulation (4-GFSKGaussian Frequency-Shift Keying), data rate (19200 bpsBits per second (bps) / 9600 bdBaud (unit symbol Bd) is the unit for symbol rate or modulation rate in symbols per second.), and system architecture (a dealer-operated network exists within the US; farmers can also purchase their own base stations) can be found on John Deere's website and on the FCC's documentation for the equipment's FCC ID of OV5-RTK450. Please cite as you go! --Kj6psg (talk) 08:45, 28 September 2023 (NZDT)


  1. Conversation with ember dragon on the Signal Identification Wiki Discord server. Zizar21, User:Kj6psg. 27 September 2023. Accessed 27 September 2023.

THANK YOU GUYS!! I cannot believe that I was extremely wrong in this signals definition!! THANK YOU!! Yalek W (talk)