Spectrum Painting

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Spectrum Painting
Spectrum paint.jpg
Frequencies 2 MHz,10 MHz
Frequency Range 2 MHz - 10 MHz
Modulation OFDM
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 4 kHz
Location Worldwide
Short Description

A form of SSTV that directly modulates an image to IQ by scanning across it so it shows up when viewed using a waterfall.

Used by Hams for experimentation methods.
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample

Spectrum Painting, also known as RFRadio Frequency paint, is a form of SSTV that uses an input image directly modulated to IQQuadrature signals form the basis of complex RF signal modulation and demodulation, both in hardware and in software, as well as in complex signal analysis. over the RFRadio Frequency spectrum to produce a raw result, instead of a modulated scanline sequence in the form of an actual analog signal (Robot, Martin, Scottie, PD) or digital bitstream (FSKFrequency-Shift Keying, PSKPhase-Shift Keying, etc).

Other Uses[edit]

This signal is also used to jam the infamous Russian "Buzzer" numbers station, causing laughs throughout the spectrum in HFHigh Frequency (3-30 MHz). While this isn't a wise method, it is still funny to see some of the stuff that shows up.


There is no decoding software.

  • EasyPal (which has two options; to broadcast a short ID so the file can be viewed on the internet, or send the entire file contents over the air)
  • PowerSDR KE9NS
  • fldigi

Also there are some projects on GitHub

Video Examples[edit]

Other Images[edit]