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SAS3 mod pattern 2.gif
Frequencies 44.2 kHz
Frequency Range 44.2 kHz - 44.2 kHz
Modulation MSK
Emission Designator
Location Sweden
Short Description Swedish navy transmitter for submarine communication. It shares the antenna with SAQ (Grimeton Radio).
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample

SAS3 is one of the transmitters with the "Swedish sound".

Swedish MSKMinimum-Shift Keying (When Shift/Bd = 0.5. It is impossible to get this ratio to be lower than 0.5, hence it is called the 'Minimum' shift.) transmitters can easily be identified in the waterfall diagram by their fishbone-like modulation pattern. This seems to belong to the idle phases where no data are transmitted.

The fishbone pattern is even audible as a characteristic modulation.