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Qo-100 modem 1.JPG
Frequencies 10489.5 MHz,10490 MHz
Frequency Range 10489.5 MHz - 10490 MHz
Mode USB
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 2.7 kHz
Location QO-100 footprint
Short Description High speed modem for qo-100 amateur satellite narrow transponder.
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample

The purpose of this project is to transfer data (pictures...) via a 2,7kHz SSBSingle-sideband modulation channel on the narrow band transponder as fast as possible. Now also including RTTYRadio TeleTYpe mode.

A characteristic feature of the signal is the presence of a 100 hertz carrier for fine tuning(not visible on the websdr waterfall).

Decoding Software[edit]


QO-100-modem (windows version)

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Qo-100 beaconHS.JPG

Qo-100 large.JPG <--- Live updating beacon html page