National Public Alerting System (NPAS)

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National Public Alerting System (NPAS) / Alert Ready
Location Canada
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The National Public Alerting System (NPAS), branded to consumers as Alert Ready, is a national warning system in Canada. The tone does not carry any information to be decoded. Information about Emergencies is communicated via on screen text and text-to-speech. A message in English and then French is often used.

The waterfall image is as seen on AMAmplitude Modulation radio.

Transmission to Last Mile Distributors[edit]

Pelmorex sends alerts to broadcasters using the Anik F1R satellite over C-band on virtual channel 206 (virtual channel 550 as a backup), as well as using the Anik F2 satellite over the Ku-band. Alerts are also available via Internet using RSS.


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) mandates that broadcasters relay the information received from the Pelmorex NAAD system to consumers if within the area. This includes via:

  • FMFrequency Modulation Radio
  • AMAmplitude Modulation Radio
  • Satellite Television (satellite receiver is switched to NPAS channel AND/OR played overtop of channel OR AND/OR interactive alert shown)
  • Cable Television (played overtop of channel AND/OR cable box is switched to NPAS channel AND/OR interactive alert shown)
  • OTA Television
  • Cell Broadcast (Cell Phone - only if connected to LTE and on a compatible cell phone)

Alerts are not known to be broadcasted via SiriusXM satellite radio. It is also unknown whether Canadian SiriusXM channels such as CBC Radio One play Alert Ready messages.

Alert Ready is not broadcast over Environment Canada Weatherradio.

Some provinces also broadcast messages on digital road signage, social media, and apps. Some broadcasters such as Radio/TV also publish messages on social media or their app.

Text to Speech[edit]

Alert Ready has the ability to transfer an audio file to broadcasters. This audio file is usually text-to-speech. There is no singular text-to-speech engine used. The one Alberta uses is different from the one Ontario Provincial Police uses.

After the alert is broadcast, some messages end with pre-recorded audio saying "That was a message from the National Canadian Public Alerting System. Now, back to our regular programming."

Test Messages[edit]

Test messages usually follow a standard format. Some provinces alert the message slightly, including their emergency management website address. "This is a test of the National Public Alerting System issued by AGENCY. This is only a test. If this had been an actual emergency or threat, you would now hear instructions that would protect you and your family. This is only a test, no action is required."


Over-the-air Television: Alberta Emergency Alert (Fort McMurry wildfire)

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