Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)

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  • Utilized by New York City Transit (NYCT)
  • True Moving block CBTC with local zone control
  • Radio system is a (proprietary) high-speed vital local area network between train & zone controller and between zone controllers
  • Zone Controllers use fiber based physical network to other zone controllers
  • Both above ground and subway tunnel operation.
  • Uses Transponders for train location with tachometer type incremental navigation

  • SPONSOR: New York City Transit
  • SUPPLIER(s): Siemens + Thales
  • STRUCTURE: IPInternet protocol Messaging Scheme – proprietary application
  • MESSAGING STD:WLAN Siemens std.
  • MAX BIT RATE: 128 KBPS per train (4 MBPS total max)
  • FREQ BAND: 5.725Ghz - 5.825Ghz
  • RADIO MFGR: Siemens Type PULZ80
  • COMMS RANGE: limited
  • COMMS BETWEEN: Wayside zone controllers and Trains and other zone controllers
  • STATUS: Operating on NYCT Canarsie Line (2012), being installed on PATH, NYCT Flushing Line and Culver Line Test Track.