Advanced Paging Operations Code (APOC)

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The Advanced Paging Operations Code (APOC) is a proprietary pager protocol of Philips Paging. The format has been designed to allow POCSAG paging systems to gracefully introduce new paging features and capabilities in an existing paging network. These enhancements include extra channel capacity, extended battery economy and additional network features. It has been designed to coexist with standard POCSAG transmissions.

Under the APOC enhancements, mixed data transmission speeds may operate on a single channel. Standard APOC operates as a 1200 bit per second transmission, but, data codewords may be sent at 2400, 3200, 4800 or 6400 bits per second. This is accomplished by sending specialized POCSAG synchronization codewords at the 1200 bit per second rate, which indicate that in the period of a standard 1200 bit per second POCSAG batch, data will be transmitted at a specific data rate.

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