Unknown FFSK Data/Trunking System

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Unknown trunking system - similar to MPT1327
Mpt1327 clone.png
Frequencies 507.5 MHz,507.875 MHz,507.225 MHz,507.55 MHz
Frequency Range 507.225 MHz - 507.875 MHz
Mode NFM
Modulation FFSK
Bandwidth 12.5 kHz
Location Melbourne, Australia
Short Description Appears to be an analogue trunking system, sounds similar to MPT1327 but cannot be processed by any MPT1327 decoder.
I/Q Raw Recording Download file
Audio Sample

These signals are currently used on Melbourne's tram network operated by Yarra Trams, the transmitters are owned and operated by the Victorian Rail Track Corp. (VicTrack). This is definitely not MPT1327, I tried using Trunkview and SDR-Trunk and they were unable to decode the signals.


I recorded a couple of voice transmissions:

Tram driver communication:

Short conversation between driver and dispatch: