Wide signal unknown modulation

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Wide signal unknown modulation
Frequencies 152.48 MHz
Frequency Range 152.48 MHz - 152.48 MHz
Mode RAW
Bandwidth 2 MHz
Location WV, USA
Short Description Wide short, sometimes long burst of modem noise.
I/Q Raw Recording Download file
Audio Sample

Irregular intervals usually about 20 seconds or less apart. WFMWideband Frequency Modulation you can hear an audible tone on the tail. It varies in length, rarely a long transmission. Very wide transmission, seems to be about 2MHz in width. I have tried multiple programs to attempt to decode and determine the mode. In the US, this is the Fixed Mobile band. It does not correlate with our public safety radios at my QTH.


Centered on 152.480MHz for the time of posting, but has been known to vary between 149MHz and 154MHz.

Additional Images[edit]

Signal4.JPG Signal5.JPG Signal6.JPG Signal7.JPG